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Hourly Classical 1h 57m 359
Weekly Blitz 3h 177
Daily SuperBlitz 1h 30m 124
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 41
Hourly Bullet 27m 86
U2000 Classical 57m 36
Weekly King of the Hill 3h 0
Dufresne 3+0 Atom Rated 2h 44
Radulov 5+0 Racing Rated 1h 30m 15
Biyiasas 4+1 Racing 20m 6
Gunsberg 6+2 Rated 45m 3
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  4. Chess Players For Donald Trump FM Chessmotion I dont think so.
  5. Good Luck :) CrazYHorse_8 ok i cheat :) and i put the solution of the 2 first puzzles, they are …
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  9. People who goes away TinchoVM Nobody shoud keep playing after losing a queen for no compensation. It…
  10. People who goes away LadyNorth #1 You can play without a queen but it's much harder to win, so yes pe…
  11. Icon Praton in APP MessyAnswer You mean Patron?
  12. "Sorry, we don't have any more… pita96 If I'm not mistaken now that you have solved 10.000 lichess problems y…
  13. New Lichess Training Feature Toadofsky I don't know whether this would be difficult or not. FYI, Stockfish…
  14. Brexit defense - London system FunnyFighter I like the name and the set up until move 9. Reminds me of a Ben-Oni D…
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  16. People who goes away Psyrude Hay i'm new hier, but i find something really disturbing, i m not a ch…
  17. Blunders Ruin My Game YetAnotherPlayer A very different tip that helped me is: workout. Workout, eat well…
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  19. Brexit defense - London system DrHack 50% of the time, it works every time!
  20. Good Luck :) CrazYHorse_8 It might help…
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Yes, we know it's complete madness.

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