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  1. why so rude chunkymonkey Might as well have called the topic "Another thing Static Disagrees With"...
  2. why so rude chunkymonkey Aye ;) Death to this thread! :(
  3. Rating adjustment after resign […] Twenty-CharacterName I resigned in the app a rated correspondence game. When I later checke […]
  4. why so rude rise_UIED @chunkymonkey: Yeah, he's a cool dude, alright. :)
  5. Easier Set-up for Developers purefan Hello guys! Im one of those who would love to help lichess, but I f […]
  6. Never surrender! spab Resigning in chess is also a matter of levels
  7. Doubt about trading. spab the thing is that he will be able to cover the d5 with the pawn, and i […]
  8. Flawless Caro-Kann game spab You played ok, but your opponent make several mistakes, quite clearly […]
  9. Looking for Feedback spab About the comp analysis, you CAN´T think in playing like an engine, (n […]
  10. Looking for Feedback spab Not bad. Just point out, a6 in that position, not sure. The idea is fi […]
  11. Can we move sandbaggers and en […] stocious I'd like to propose that Lichess remove guys like this... http://en […]
  12. why so rude chunkymonkey I'll tell you something for nothing - as soon as Static reacts to a po […]
  13. why so rude mwghost " don't understand your logic about the rest at all. You are ok with a […]
  14. non-optimal training task solutions zulo yes, it's my mistake
  15. Never surrender! CautiousKamikaze I do resign occasionally... But I prefer to play out games till its e […]
  16. Never surrender! Donterr And, to be clear, I quoted my game as a second example. I think Cautio […]
  17. Never surrender! Donterr S, I agree that one should resign when it is clear that holding on wou […]
  18. Never surrender! CautiousKamikaze I think its disrespectful giving up a fight. I get more positive fe […]
  19. BugHouse & CrazyHouse SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Crazy house is similat to bugHouse only it's played beteen 2 players n […]
  20. Never surrender! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS plz dont think this is courage ! it is shameful to u and disrespectful […]
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