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  1. Кто хочет потренировать свой м […] Ptitsa02 Offer to solve a problem. The main condition is necessary to solve men […]
  2. Advanced search for Horde games Toadofsky Advanced search for Horde games doesn't find games after March 21.
  3. Aborted correspondence games a […] andonuts This is true for all variants, so far as I can tell. The games aren't […]
  4. new addition? Clarkey There's plans to make it easier to search for games from the profile p […]
  5. new addition? Chess_Agent "Easily access archived games"? So far, you should bookmark them, […]
  6. new addition? Buddy2 Just noticed lichess is keeping track of score against same opponent. […]
  7. The 2nd Vugar Gashimov Memorial Buddy2 I think i have to get up at 3 am to watch it live. I like to watch th […]
  8. Speaking of interesting chess variants stevieblues That would be awesome steger. Like Use Map Settings for chess ^^
  9. The 2nd Vugar Gashimov Memorial izzat best game today was So against Giri where Anish had moved his bishop 6 […]
  10. Pawn capture bug rookie_gto no,thats just the en passant, if a pawn moves two squares, you can tak […]
  11. Pawn capture bug s777n I try to move pawn to h4 but its always captured with gxh3. http://en. […]
  12. Crazyhouse Chess Variant at Lichess seanysean yea, i like crazy house chess too
  13. Make it possible to claim 3-fo […] bakunin yes, i'd appreciate that as well.
  14. Make it possible to claim 3-fo […] GoToBed Here is a sample game: i […]
  15. Crazyhouse Chess Variant at Lichess znthnk I really enjoyed playing this variant. I wonder if it would be possibl […]
  16. The 2nd Vugar Gashimov Memorial kanimal This link should have some live commentary once it begins if anyone is […]
  17. The 2nd Vugar Gashimov Memorial eatchipss i would love MVL to win, however that is unlikely. if i was a betting […]
  18. Stockfish 8 still limited to f […] Legit-Lobster I want to play the highest computer difficulty. I don't want to play t […]
  19. My 10 tips to quickly improve […] lucky1 yes, and this French accent is really cool :)
  20. What would be your Real Life E […] thechessinater I guessed for more problems than I'd like to admit haha.
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