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  1. What's the longest time you've… Neverness More than 24 hours, less than 30 (I guess).
  2. Lichess music TheIceManV Great! Not trying to sound ungrateful or anything. I do enjoy this fea…
  3. What's the longest time you've… hatchet I have to switch from night shift to early shift within one day so I d…
  4. Lichess music megacheck You are a genius confirmed. If you do this more melodically a lot of p…
  5. Which is the worst blunder in … GentjanLici Nice game but you need to create more dangerous problems for your oppo…
  6. Lichess music CTORH Amazing! Lichess has now its own soundtrack. Thank you!
  7. Which is the worst blunder in … subconscious Yeah, good point. I don't know if I'd call it a "blunder" but the bigg…
  8. Find Lichess Studies GroneN Someone actually already created an author group where a lot of studie…
  9. Which is the worst blunder in … GentjanLici I think the worst blunder is analyzing moves in a random position with…
  10. Does your clock get stuck? thibault Silberlocke: yes, checking the console is a great idea! If you could r…
  11. Does your clock get stuck? Silberlocke It happened to me two or three times, very irregularly. Reloading the …
  12. Draw with Stockfish 7 in 13 mo… JustAnotherUser My funny draw with Stockfish 7 in 13 moves:…
  13. I am building my opening reper… ShahenShah1 I wanna build 1. e4 repertoire . PM me if interested anyone.
  14. Lichess music Morozov lol I'm surprised that it sounds so musical, would have expected dial…
  15. I am building my opening reper… sakram07 You can PM me your skype if you have one
  16. Lichess music thibault Just for fun
  17. Does your clock get stuck? CasualChessBot Are you using any library for your clock ?
  18. Does your clock get stuck? thibault If so, I need you to help me fix this bug. No technical competences re…
  19. That awkard moment in which yo… hatchet Shall I provide you with variations?
  20. Rating bug and also create now… CarlosMagnussen *create new topic
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